Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rhubarb Ice Cream

from R. Barrett

This is for a 6 qt freezer

1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice (will not work if you use bottled lemon juice)

6 cups sugar

1 can Evaporated milk

2 cups fruit – cut up, or mashed

1 quart cream


To make the strawberry-rhubarb mix,  I used 5 – 6 cups fresh or frozen rhubarb, placed it in a sauce pan and added approx 1 – 2 cups sugar (depending on how tart you like your rhubarb) -  - - heat to boiling, turn down and let it simmer until the rhubarb is soft - -about 6 – 8 min or so, at the last, add about 2 cups of strawberries and mash them into the rhubarb sauce until they are somewhat softened.  Cool the mixture completely.  I used about 2 cups of the sauce in my last batch of icecream, but I think I would add more in the future.

Place the sugar in the canister and add the lemon juice, stir to mix, then slowly add the evaporated milk, stir to mix, then add the sauce mixture or other choice of fruit, stir to mix, add the cream, then add enough milk to come to within about 2 inches of the fill line on your canister.   Freeze as you would any ice cream!

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